That’s me

నమస్కారం,  नमस्ते,  Bonjour.


I am Abhi.

Welcome to my nook on the World Wide Web.

This is my canvas where I wish to paint pictures with words, add words to pictures and weave little life into fiction.

I am a Sworn Bibliophile, Staunch Procrastinator, Sound Dreamer and a Budding Lensman.

Pessimist by Nature. Software Engineer by Profession. Indian by Heart.

Music, Books and Sachin – My Holy Trinity.

As a frequent visitor to the worlds of Tolkiens and Martins, I wander these fantastic lands one at a time yet I keep my feet firmly in Bangalore.

Everyday I crave to visit the magnesium-rich golden shores of  Bheemunipatnam – my Roots, my Family, my Home. 

Watch this blog for more.

-Yogendrabhilash Baliwada.

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