The Interview

Let’s be honest here. I was little nervous.
It’s been awhile since I’ve been in an interview.
A long while.
This was one of my uncle’s reference.
Uncle’s friend’s something something blah blah, you know right how this spider’s web is..?
Well, I wasn’t looking for anything. But had to attend. Family’s insistence.

Me: I am not interested.
Them: What’s wrong in going?
Me: 😐

Since we are being honest here I’ll say this much – I am not interested and I am not prepared for anything.

Although I wasn’t interested I had dressed to impress.
Sharp is the word 😉
Reached there 10 minutes early.
I wasn’t sure about the protocol or the formalities.
I had parked my bike and called on the number I was given. As I waited for the call to be connected I started to mentally go through the resume/bio-data form thingy I had filled a long while ago for this. I blurted “Hey hi. I reached.”, once the call is connected.

I know I know, it sounds little stupid. And it kinda deflated me a bit.
However, when I heard her voice say “Hey. Umm. Just walk inside. I’ll reach the door”, my confidence is back.
I had spoken with her once before, to confirm the time and place.
I caught my reflection on my bike’s mirror. Hair looks fine. Then the face. Hmm. Nothing I could do to it now, can I.?
So, I left the bright sun outside and sauntered inside.

She was waiting on the right side of the door, probably watching me walk in.
I think she watched me through the dark glass door when I called her.
What’s the first impression I made on her?
Did I make an impression yet?
Although she did make a pretty impression.
I mean she is pretty pretty. Smiled at me genially. She had a great voice too. When it comes to dress and presentation, you can call me blunt in contrast to her. We shook our hands briefly and after hi hello pleasantries, she lead me to a private booth.

It’s a cozy place, you can spend hours sipping coffee and talking at length without being interrupted in any way. Scratch that. Barely I sat down and a guy interrupted us. “Coffee?” she asked looking straight at me as if this was the opening question. She already had one in front of her and I thought why not.? I said “sure”, and nodded at her coffee.
He nodded curtly and left without a word.

The moment we are alone, she smiled at me, expecting me to say something I guess. She took a sip of her coffee and introduced herself.
Ok. Fair enough.
That’s my cue to do the same and I started with the basics. As I slowly explained myself, my confidence changed. I wasn’t interested in this at all (hey, we are being honest, remember?).

But now that I am here, I wanted to prove myself. I guess it’s because of this family reference. My monologue went for a while.
After that your regular and rigorous Q&A ensued. She had tons of questions and unlike me she came prepared I guess. She is a good listener, gave all the right cues showing that she is listening and analyzing every single word I spoke. Even I tried to note down what she spoke, you know, mentally. And I’ve failed miserably.
TBH she was pretty.
I know I am repeating my words, she is that pretty.
Damn it, concentrate.
Don’t look at me with such condescension, OK?

The Q&A was more or less about our work, about what we do, how we do, etc, etc. I felt that these are of importance and have to put forward if we are supposed to be a team. Ah!, my coffee has just arrived. I am pretty sure that I shouldn’t be saying cheers. But there was I, took the cup and acknowledged her with a plain cheers and took a sip.
Ugh! Such bad coffee. No wonder her’s was left untouched. I thought she wasn’t having because I did not have. I can feel she was looking at me attentively to see how would I respond. I did not betray the agony of my tongue on my face. Phew! Did something right I guess, because I caught a glimpse of the faintest approval in her smile. Neither of us spoke for few minutes but resumed the ‘interview’. At this juncture, we had covered most of the general topics. I had few questions and I can feel that she too must have few. I was hoping to ask them at the end or in the next round, if I had one more. I almost went back to the coffee, realized what a big mistake it would be and checked the watch subtly.
More than an hour has passed since I reached here. I did not want to give an impression that I wanted to leave. Well, I did not want to leave. She is wonderful company and I cannot stress on the fact that she is pretty!!

God! Is my vocabulary stunted to just one adjective today?
Where was I again? Yes. Coffee. Rather, no coffee.
I had maintained a cool demeanor so far. The way things have progressed, my opinion has swayed a bit now. I’ve started to think that I might take up the offer, if selected. You and I both know that these things are not finalized in a single meeting. At least another round, few discussions with higher ups, financial part, etc, etc and taking up at least 15-20 days. At the least. I’ve heard about instant results as well as month long discussions. Also, the offer maybe rejected in the meanwhile. Who knows?

The more I think, the more I am considering this. Hmm. I guess she had an impact on me.
From this time I was determined to charm her. Discussed about hobbies. And I tell, she is impressed a bit when I told her that I volunteer for kid’s education NGOs.



I can see that something is going to happen now.
Her breathing has fastened a teensy bit.
She is looking directly into my eyes.



She asked “Any past relationships?”, and added “that I should know off” in a timid voice.


I couldn’t help smiling.


She began to smile.


That’s when I realized.

Cut to 3 months forward ->
Now we are about to board a plane together as
Mr. & Mrs.
Reminiscing about our first meeting and the terrible coffee, I couldn’t thank my uncle enough for the interview.

Maybe I should stop calling it an Interview!! 😉

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