Every time I think we have failed as a species, I come across something which makes me re-think. Something deep inside the thick skull of the ‘Sapiens’ kicks in to show that we aren’t doomed yet.

We are always in a hurry to get somewhere, do something and go somewhere else. An endless race against time where only thing matters to you is you. Call it selfishness but it is the truth. Self-sustenance is what brought us this far, a throbbing thriving species taking over the pale blue dot and now reaching its arms into the deep unknown. It is true. Let’s colonize Mars but don’t bother to know thy neighbor. Why is that? But it doesn’t matter. Deep inside the modern human’s psyche, lies a narrow path to his heart, to humanity.

Today, I saw an auto-rickshaw topple over at a modestly busy junction. Someone in a hurry to reach somewhere crosses path of someone else in an equally hurried journey to some other destination. Result? Screech of tires and thud of a fall toppled three-wheeler.

The END.

Full Stop.


It took under 20 seconds for 6 people to reach the fallen vehicle. All of them, strangers to each other, working towards one goal – Safety of the driver imprisoned in his downed mechanical mule, who is most likely in pain, maybe unconscious. Crowd grew. So did the helping hands. Gently the auto being turned over. The auto is back on its 3 rolling feet under 2 minutes. The driver is pulled aside. He is slight pain but OK. Guess what? He was handed a water bottle and a fresh coconut hovering in his side to help him regain normalcy. Someone putting the auto’s contents back in. That’s it. That is humanity.

We stand together. There, at that moment, it is a diverse group. Collars of many colours, people of different age brackets, languages, religions. Some of might be at odds of others pertaining to individual beliefs. But all of them are together. Yes, there are jerks peppered around us. Like the ones who begin the blame game while keeping their hands clean. That’s us humans as well. Not quite the yin and yang but they are us. Someone blames the guy who is hurt and dazed. Someone else blames the other guy. And there always is one who blames the government/God/himself. Interchangeable. Always one of those things.

But in that moment only one thing mattered – a person’s life. That lone act spread the fragrance of humanity in the pollution eating us from inside.

All them?

No… All of us – Serendipity.

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