No Monday Blues!

Well, that was a good monday!
How many people wake up early on a Monday morning, fresh?
Up and ready to fight.
I did!


Weekends all always ironic.
They are supposed to get you relaxed while you have some fun.
But in reality?

More fun = more strain.
No fun –> lousy weekend.

Either way you will a serious case of Monday Blues.
And I was chronically infected since 2 years.

Today was a miracle.
Sweet sweet miracle.
Bend the lazy bone and beat the morning office traffic.
At work before time? Wow!!
Is it just me or everyone in high spirits?
No usual dull monday faces around!
As it turns out, our mood is reflected on the face opposite to us.
Today I see only happy smiling faces wishing me ‘GOOD MORNINGGGGGG’.
Work was most productive today. Confident that nothing will go wrong today.
Everything smoothly going. Or is it my approach that is different?
After tasty lunch, a lovely walk through the greens. Love the green Bangalore. And love the climate today. Perfect blend of chill and breeze. Back to work. And guess what? It feels really good to work more. Got a free ride back to my flat, thanks to my friend Pihu. And signing off the day with my first blog entry.

I hope every tomorrow gives the same energy.

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