Made In Andhra Student

That day I was really really scared! Not for long though!!

New country, new place and new rules. Been here for 3 days and half of it went in a blur. Damn you jet lag. First day down I met few guys on campus. A couple of hellos and introductions and POOF! Now I can’t remember their names nor faces. On that sunny spring day I became a small kid again. Lost in the bustling crowd of 300 freshmen. The buzz of excitement which used to pump me up, suddenly took my heart away. After so long time I was afraid. Suddenly I wasn’t that cool guy. I was the weird guy in dorky glasses and accent.

Under the bright blue banner put up the welcome us new students, I saw a commotion. A guy brought some sort of stool and stood on top of it. Looks like he from my back alley too. He did not utter a single word. Or maybe he did and I did not hear him over the din. He just put his hand up in the air. In his hand he held something small. Something I did not see at that moment. The endless babble of mouths seemed to cease slowly and things were getting clearer. People around him are moving back a little as if to give him some space. I heard it first, it was his cellphone he was holding in his hand, playing music on it. Somewhere in the back of my head that song registered. I could not place the song, yet I am sure I know it. The song pulled me towards it, while others backed little more.

So, a guy in jeans and a blue tee suddenly stands out at the center playing a song. This freaked others, freaked them just enough to make them quiet. Yet I am inching closer. There was something in it which makes you walk in slo-mo. Suddenly the tempo of the song changed. Before I know I was spurting the lyrics out loud in perfect sync.

“Dhigi dhigi thaka thaka dhigi dhigi thaka thaka tha”

Oh my God! What did I just do????

A minute ago I was one confused person in a foreign place. And I just sang out loud in the middle of a student blend?

Just as I was about to take a step back, another voice took my place.

“Hey made in andhra students ante artham vivatistha

Another guy in a tee. Grinning ear-to-ear.

“Naligina dressu konta chedirina crafu konta”

The guy on the pedestal joined the jam.

“Evaru anuko nantha vinthaga unte chaltha”

Together, we three finished the verse.

That day changed my life.

Out of 300 people, 3 people were brought together by a movie song. Not sorcery. Just fandom. This guy on the pedestal he one the suavest showman I’ve ever met. He just pulled a trick from a movie. The other one, grinning and upbeat, is the smartest. At that instant I got two new friends. Best of friends. Since then I was never lost. ‘The Andhra Students‘ were never lost again. We found bit of home thousands of miles away. Our home state might have been carved out, but we stay united.


Watch the video.

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