Cup of cappuccino

Steaming cup of cappuccino is in between us. Then there is the smoky smell of chicken sandwich and rich chocolaty aroma from the pastry too. The Strawberry flavored lemonade and ironically, both of us are silent. Well, neither of us are known to be the quiet ones. Its been close to 20 minutes since I spoke something and 10 minutes since she tried to make me talk. Climate is cool and smooth. Perfect for a quality outdoor couple time. We are at our favorite coffee shop. Our usual spot, the corner spot is occupied a couple of smoking girls. Not smoking hot, just smoking. She isn’t talking because she tired of everything. I’m not talking because I’m upset with something she did. As usual, the fight seems trivial. This time it is different because it looks like I’m the one throwing the tantrum. She tried everything to get me to smile. When she tried the ‘Imitate me’ routine with the way I try to pacify her, it bounced back on her and made me more angry. All started when I opened my heart to her and she just laughed at me. Don’t get me wrong, she is an amazing person, just with few of them quirks. Those quirks are the reason I like her. This time, trouble!!!!!!!

Ok, let’s get you in on the current scenario. I’ve got an early meeting tomorrow and have some things to finish for that, while she is currently having a meeting of her own. We have decided that we are not going to meet today. Funny how things work. When she pinged that her meeting is done, 2 hours early, I literally jumped to the prospect of meeting her. Imagine how I would’ve felt when she followed up her earlier message with a ‘Wanna meet?

10 minutes later I was driving to meet her. Another 10 minutes later, got a warm hug. God! I miss her badly. Scent of her is intoxicating me. Energizing me. Alluring me. Driving me crazy. God! I miss her badly. The twinkle in her eye soothes my crazy heart.

For the next 20 minutes, I drove aimlessly around, with her glued to my back. Bless the person who designed the higher pillion rider seats. Sir, YOU ROCK!

She was telling about her day, I was enjoying the ride, loving the sudden gift I’m receiving. I missed our date yesterday. Office work. You guys understand right. Ofcourse, you do. And she did too. But I felt bad for not able to make up to our date. We reached our spot just after twilight made way for a sparkling night of clear sky. I could see that she is dog-tired and I wanted to ride on, the breeze blowing into us, thought it will help her relax. And when I told her the same thing, she hinted me subtly that she wants to sit down by saying ‘I want to sit down. I’m tired‘. ”Yes, your Highness. I live and die as you command.” That was me being me. Well, that earned me a punch to my arm. As we proceeded to our corner in the open air lounge, she gripped my arm firmly, the very arm which received the punch, and caressed it with a peck.

There we are, sitting under the starlight and dim setup which couples prefer. We have visited this place so many times, the barista is a familiar face for us. Feeling a lot chivalric, pulled chair for her and sat beside her pulling my chair closer to her. Looking into the depths of her eyes I forget the world around me. Trust me, you would probably too fall into those mesmerizing pools. I guess I was too mesmerized that she punched me again to get me back to reality. She tilted her head to a side, looking at me with a playful smile and asked me ‘what are you thinking?’.

“I’m really sorry baby. I totally forgot our date yesterday.”

“Its ok sweetheart, I can understand. And you are here now. That’s what matters to me.”

At this point I was way too deep and broke into a lengthy emo speech about being more responsible.

“From the moment you came into my life I think why haven’t I met you before. I always pursued instant happiness. I realized what i have done wrong yesterday. Honestly, I did not think twice when I told I can’t make it for the date. I put my interests ahead of you. While watching the game with guys I realized how much I missed you. How much I wanted you, to be with you. You changed my priorities. Every passing moment it has been you on my mind. Work seems a chore. I felt that the purpose of my life is not me. You. You became my purpose. I would never ever put anything else above you. The definition of happiness, my definition of happiness is being with you. It might have taken a while to realize that. But I feel every moment I was away from you is a moment of my life wasted away. I would walk a five hundred miles and another 500 miles more to spend even a second with you. I promise I would never stay away from you ever. I promise you that.”

Wow! I was a fun-loving and hell with the world kinda guy. Was, since she came into my life, the sensitive me, buried deep beneath the rugged persona, woke up. This was new to me to me as well. I would’ve laughed at me I guess, which exactly what she did. I dug into the depths of heart and soul and poured out my feelings for her and she laughed. Past me would’ve never ventured into the abyss of my wretched heart. But, the current me has become sentimental I guess. Her laugh crushed me with the weight of a jumbo. I couldn’t look at her. Apart from those tobacco puffing girls, nothing is nearby for me to look at. I couldn’t concentrate at anything. Her cheerful laugh reverberating but failing to cheer me. Mirroring my mood even the sky clouded. Her laugh became a giggle and eased into a smile. Before she could say anything to me, waiter joined us for our order. I’m not looking at either of them. She is still smiling while she ordered for both of us. I wanted to protest saying I don’t want anything. But nothing came out. We are alone again. She is giving the sweetest smile and trying to get me to talk. Regular me is a jerk. In turns out, sensitive me is also a jerk. He turned a deaf ear to her pretty please. She knows what happened yet she queries with an innocent face. She tried to pacify me I way I try to appease her. Well that was too much for me handle. I pushed my chair little farther from her, while she tried to hold my hand. She tried to pull closer. Nothing worked. Our refreshments arrived bringing the olfactory sensation of coffee. She had enough of my tantrum now, even she twisted her mouth and turned to other side. Next 10 minutes I stared into the lone coconut tree in the courtyard. I was aware of the dropping temperature and the oncoming clouds. I can hear the rustle of the leaves dancing high up, twitter of birds somewhere, low rumble of distant traffic and midst of all this I heard her shiver. I maybe hurt but I can’t let her suffer in any way. I realized how obnoxious I am behaving. I took off my jacket and she wouldn’t let me put it on her. She insists not to.

Enough of this, just stop, saying this I draped my jacket over her. I kept looking at her while she wore the jacket properly. Poor thing was shivering till now but didn’t let me know. I kept looking at her. While she avoided my gaze, for long.

‘Hold the coffee, you will feel good.’


I took her hands and pushed the cup of coffee. She held my hands along with the cup. When I tried to pull my hands in, she held stronger. When I shifted my gaze to the cup, she urged me to look at her. There we are, holding a cup together and eyes met. All I can see is twinkle in her eyes, I was lost in them again. I did not feel her hands leaving mine. I did not feel her left hand over my neck. I did feel the gentle pull she gave me. Five seconds later, my hands were cupping her face, pulling her closer. Next 30 seconds I was oblivious to wide-eyed stares we received from the girls. I pulled away from her little, yet never leaving her, she still held on and whispered ‘Don’t you ever apologize to me. I like you the way you are. I love the way you are. What you told is the sweetest thing ever I’ve heard in my life.I did not laugh at the person who said those words. I just remembered something else you told before. When we started seeing each other, you told me that you don’t do emo stuff. I laughed at you from that time. When I saw you open your heart to me, I saw the real you. The one who cares so much about me. How ever you are, I love you.’ This time I did the pulling part. You can go to hell, you damn world. I reached the pearly gates of my personal paradise.

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