Reader mode for Chrome on Android

Reading a webpage on mobile is slightly irritating and off putting at times.

With the bigger screen formatting, ads, tons of visual features, items not related to the content you are interested in, blah, blah…. the point is – stuff which is OK for traditional screens makes reading tough on mobile. To counter this problem, apps like Readability, Instapaper, Pocket are around. Now Google has included a ‘hidden’ reader mode on Chrome for Android which will remove the annoying things of the page and serve us with the content.

-> This is an experimental feature. Keep your fingers crossed and DO NOT mess with things which are unfamiliar.

Now, to enable the ‘Reader’ mode, follow these simple steps.

  1. Update Chrome if you haven’t yet. (v39.0.2171.59)
  2. Navigate to “chrome://flags” (The ‘do-not-mess-with’ thingy but fun if you what you are doing)
  3. Enable “Enable Reader Mode Toolbar Icon” and relaunch when prompted.


Done. If you are on a compatible page(most pages are), you should be able to see an ‘A’ icon beside the Address bar.

Without Reader mode on

Without Reader mode on.

With Reader mode on

With Reader mode on

Reader mode, as the name says, allows us to directly read the content of the page. It may sometimes remove pictures or videos included, but should work fine. Also, it is good to have the feature right on our fingertips.

Happy browsing on mobile.

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