Best Birthday Present Ever.

“Here is your  double vodka on rocks. “

“Thank you. And keep them coming.”
Jay is sitting alone at the bar counter in a sports bar. No game today and the place is very thinly populated. He looked around to see a couple swaying slowly on the dance floor. Some romantic song which he doesn’t know. The place is little darker than he remembered from the time he visited with his friends. He gave a sigh and went back to his drink.

“Its none of my business but you look little off.”, it was the bartender.
“Its my birthday.”, Jay replied after downing his vodka quickly.
“Happy birthday. But I don’t see how that’s upsetting? You sick? Your friends forgot about you?”
“Thank you and nope. I’m healthy as a horse. My friends showed up at my door at midnight with a cake. Now hit me another double.”
“Sure. So I’m guessing that isn’t the problem here.”
“Nope. I lost two important people in my life today.”
“I’m sorry about your loss. Here.”, he offered the glass.”Who passed away?”
“No one. People who are dear to me departed from my life.”
“Shit happens.”
“It does. But not this fashion. I had breakfast with my girlfriend at a romantic restaurant.”, continued Jay after taking a sip.
“Over the orange juice she gave me my gift. This tie.”, pointing to his blue silk tie.
“She ordered breakfast and I proposed to her going on my knee, holding a ring. She blinked twice, replied NO and left. My heart was as the eggs which were served. Scrambled.”, bottom’s up again.
“Ouch. That’s rough.”
“It gets worse. One more.”, pointing to his glass.
“Really? What happened next?”
“I manned up. Went to work. Business as usual. Grabbed lunch with my best friend since college. Told her about morning.”
“And?”, he prompted after offering the next round.
“She called me an idiot and left with tears saying she never wants to see me again. You know, that’s when I felt that she loves me. But she isn’t there anymore. All morning I called my girlfriend. Sorry. My ex-girlfriend. And all afternoon I rang to my best friend. Neither answered my calls.”, slurry words out of drunk Jay.

“Come on. Next one. I’m waaaitingggg.”
“I think that’s enough for tonight. Do you need a cab or something?”
“No no. No. The night just started. And don’t worry. I have my cab waiting below. Now my drink please.”, lied Jay.
“Alright, you are the Boss.”
“Yeah. The Boss of terrible luck.”
“Hey I’m no expert but I’ll tell what my grandpa used to say. ‘ You can never lose something which isn’t yours. If it is yours, it will be yours. If you have lost it, it means it was never really yours’. Think about it.”
“Huh! I can never lose something which isn’t mine!”
“That’s right. It was his secret of happiness.”

Jay looked at his drink, swirling it and thinking.
I can never lose something which isn’t mine.
I can never lose something which isn’t mine.
What is mine?
Placed a couple of big notes beside his untouched last drink.”Keep the change. Thanks man.”, rose to leave.

Jay stumbled out of there to the parking. Got into his car and muttered ‘I can never lose something which isn’t mine’ .

He realized what he must do.
Twenty minutes later he arrived at his destination and he knocked on the door of his destiny.
“Its me. Open up.”
“Jay?”, a voice behind the door enquired.”What are you doing here at this hour?”
“I realised that it was only you I wanted. I cannot lose you. You cannot lose something which isn’t yours. And I cannot lose you. Ever. With all my heart I want you. I will hold your hand till my last breath. Nothing else gives me joy than watch you smile. I love you.”.
He popped onto his knee and fumbling his pockets.
“Where is it? God! Where did I keep it?”
“Looking for this?”, Jay’s destiny turned out to be a girl in her pyjamas holding Jay’s ring.
“Yes. Yes. Where did you find it?”
“You gave it to me, remember?”
“I love you. I cannot live without you.”, Jay rose.
“Nothing changes Jay.”, red-eyed reply.
“I was blind. I needed this to happen. I needed her rejection to realize that it is you I wanted. I love you.”, pleaded Jay.
“Uh ah. Not like this. Try again tomorrow. I might reconsider.”, playful smile.
Two heartbeats later, a distant sound of bell chimes.
Dong. Dong. Dong.

“Su. I love you. And will never leave hand again. Will you marry me?”
“Those were eleven chimes you idiot. And yes, I DO!”


Best birthday present ever.

Engagement Ring

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