Now cricket is just another game

Now cricket is just another game.

But it always stays ‘THE GAME’.
The Game made special by ‘Little Master’.

Thank you for the memories.
From Desert storm to Oneday Double.
From Manchester to Melbourne.
From Cape Town to Colombo.
From Wanderers to Wankande.
Every moment you stood with your head held high. Every moment you fell. You were the shining light at the pinnacle of …. A generation grew watching you lead with excellence.
We adored you. We celebrated you. Who idolized you.
All this just because you hit a poor guy’s bowl??
You represent Hope for us.
You shown us to fight.
You set an example for others.
You raised the bar high, so high that others just can watch those in awe.
You are the secret of our energy.
We skipped classes, faked illness, wokeup early, stayed up late and lied through our teeth. Our eyes glued to TV screens. Cheering your every flick, every nudge and every shot.
All this to see play. All this to see you rise your bat to skies. All to see you take team across.
A billion ThankYous to you Sachin Tendulkar.

God of Cricket

Farewell Little Master

You are truly a Bharat Ratna.

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