Bump in the Road

Is this a dream??

Clear azure sky with golden yellow streaks on the west side.
Hues dancing from emerald to jade over the serene sea to my right.
Wind blowing across my face while I ride at 56 kmph.
The power of 20 horses beneath me.
The best part? The lady I love behind me.

Only thing missing here is background music featuring couple of violins and a saxaphone.
I ride, stealing glances of her coffee coloured eyes and the dance of her silken hair over the rearview mirror.
If it is a dream, I never want to wake up again.
If it is real, let there be no end for this moment.
As our destination approaching in twenty minutes, I have eased the accelerator to buy more time.

I have to thank her friend for ditching her for this.
Thank you angel. You brought my angel closer to me.

She tapped on my shoulder and asked me to stop.
One of the best spots here. And to my luck no one else. Just on the road, over a cliff looking over the vast sea.
She stood there with her arms crossed and gaze fixed over the horizon.
One of God’s exquisite creation admiring another.
Could not ask for a better moment to express my love to her.
Pulling my inner courage I took two steps towards her. What should be my opening lines? Should I build my conversation and ease into the proposal or should I start with “I love you“??

Couple if more steps and I’ll be at her arm’s length.

Suddenly turned back. Her liquid brown eyes looking straight in my eyes. A lock of jet black hair flowing over her face. The way she pushes it back. God I love everything about her.
“Do you love anyone? “, she asked me.
What? YES. YES. My inner voice was shouting. YES. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU TILL END OF MY DAYS.
Yet no word came out.
Just staring at her.
How did she know? Is she loving me too??
I dunno what expression I had on my face. Maybe I looked like a complete fool, because she laughed a little.
Her chortle gave me little courage.

“Maybe. Why do you ask?”.

Maybe?? What may be?? Why did I say maybe? It’s YES.

Something is wrong.
Her smile vanished.
In a serious tone she said “She doesn’t like it. So stop it”
Did I just got struck by a speeding train?
“Who doesn’t like it?”.
I’m really confused and lost. my head is spinning uncontrollably suddenly. What exactly is happening?
“Don’t act innocent. You know about whom I’m talking. And she does not like it.”
She referring herself in third person.?
Was I so obvious about my feelings?
I never told anyone. I was on guard on the time. Oh God! What is this?
“Who told you?”.
“Irrelevant. Do not disturb her. Ok?”
Me? Disturb her?
“Your unnecessary attention to her is very irritating. She want you to leave her alone.”
She? She? What’s with the she? Say I. Enough of this third person crap.
“I love her. Damn it. I love you.”, I just couldn’t control the mixture of anger and pain.
“What. Did. You. Say?”, widening her big brown eyes.
“Please stop saying she. I love you. Every moment I live, I want to be with you. All the schemes and lame jokes on your friend are just to be with with you.”, is it anger talking? Or my love??

Next moment she hugged me. SHE HUGGED ME!!!
“Idiot! Can’t you be more straight-forward?”.
I was melting in her arms.
“Why do you walk in the opposite direction? To make me jealous??”
I’m about to float. I feel being filled by helium from inside.
I can feel her warmth in my heart now.
The sound of her breath is the only thing I am hearing.
With her head on my shoulder she softly spoke

“I love you too, idiot.”

Is this a dream??

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